Global Business Focus and Success (GBFS) is a Tanzanian modern transformational consultancy organization which was incorporated as Not-for-Profit making firm under the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania in 2013. The organization was established for the purpose of developing and/or delivering Capacity Building Development Services (CBDS) to poor communities in Tanzania. The main focus of the organizational programs is to impart skills and knowledge to poor people living in poverty lives in order to improve their economic status. Economic and livelihood development programs offered are mainly focus to bring internal and external capacities to women and youth through leading them engaged in the agribusiness, renewable energy as well as water and sanitation programs. Taking this as a note; the firm has a significant focus on children matters right from giving support on child rearing programs to children themselves plus care givers as well as impart lives/entrepreneurship and business development skills to care-givers who gives support to children.

Moreover, the organization has great experience in developing and leading women and youth programs focusing at Business / Entrepreneurship development, Agribusiness and Environmental Development, Governance, Accountability and Advocacy, leadership and management as well as Organizational/Staff Development interventions. The mode of services delivering process is based upon two categories one being Organizational Possessed Structural (OPS) whereby the organization itself uses its internal developed packages to offer services to partners/beneficiaries based on organizational internal capabilities and the other form being services offering process based upon partnership bases. In partnership, any like-minded organization with likely visions and missions as that of GBFS can affiliate with GBFS and work together in contractual agreement to carry all undersigned activities down the communities. The focus here is to create team working strategies to address poverty issues to poor people living at poverty environment in Tanzania. GBFS has committed to execute its roles by facilitating programs which will bring process conversion of community developmental challenges and setbacks into number of opportunities.

Key Services (KS) that GBFS offers to communities are basically in a form of modern business transformational Training and Facilitation, Consultation, Advisory, Mentoring and Coaching and Research and Development. Key services are offered to support implementation of the following Key Programs (KP) namely; Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Agribusiness and Environmental interventions, Good Governance, Accountability and Advocacy, Human Rights Based Approach and Development, Organizational Leadership and Management Skill and Staff Development Skills.

Lastly the organization has qualified, experienced and expertise staff who deals in development of business documents such as Business Proposals, Business Plans, Business Strategic Plans, and Business Tractions. All these documents and consultation services can be developed depending on different level of business lives such as starting point, growth or maturation

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