As a response to the increasing number of vulnerable families and children, GBFS set up programs for supporting home based centers as well as family strengthening programs operating to different children/orphanage centers in Tanzania. The programs developed help in provision of tools for supporting caring for children who can’t live with their families but able to live in centers, and investing in education and health in the area of services

GBFS works to provide technical skills and knowledge to caregivers in order to further give compassionate support in a form of quality alternative care to children they give support as well as youth who can no longer live with their parents. Every child has the right to quality care. Quality care means for provision of safe and caring environment for the child to grow to reach their full potential. GBFS work with centers which work with communities and states to provide a loving home for children who need alternative care and to prevent family breakdown. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of child caring programs in all our partnered centers and work with governments and communities to improve alternative child care systems. GBFS’ believe that, whenever possible, children should grow up with their biological families. Despite the best efforts of authorities and Centers – Family Strengthening Department, family breakdown is sometimes unavoidable.

Through such working framework, GBFS do providing the following programs in terms of training and facilitation as well as consultancy services to care givers attached to children’s’ centers;

  1. Home based capacity building programs to staff/care givers
  2. Family based strengthening programs to staff/care givers
  3. Child rights and child protection programs to staff/care givers
  4. Empowering young people/youth through Entrepreneurship and job searching skills
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