According to the 2012 National Population and Housing Census, youth unemployment poses a very serious challenge to the achievement of Tanzania Development Vision. The Tanzanian labour force (ages 15 – 64) includes 23.5 million people, or 52.2% of the total population is under unemployment; and the youth population (ages 15 – 35) is 15.6 million (equivalent to 66.4% of the labour force) is among the column. The unemployment rate among young people aged 15 – 24 years is 13.4%. Unemployment varies by gender, with 14.3% of females and 12.3% of males unemployed. Urban areas are hardest hit by unemployment, reaching 22.3% compared to 7.1% in the rural areas

The Government of Tanzania plays great role to create enabling environment for youth effective participation in different economic activities including agricultural and renewable energy sectors. However, there has been low participation of youth in the sectors mentioned, which necessitates the Ministries concerned to come up with a specific strategy to promote youth involvement in agricultural and renewable energy economic activities. Efforts has also been made to involve Public Private Partnership Program (PPPP) to support the implementation of the strategy, programs and policies, objectives and activities regarding youth involvements. As a results of the engagement, GBFS play the following role to support youth development programs in Tanzania

Focused Women’s Developmental Interventions

  1. Sensitizing, Mobilizing and Advocacy youth unifications and solidarity
  2. Facilitating Youth group formation and constitutional development
  3. Development and digestion of paying business ideas/activities for the Youth group
  4. SWOT/ PESTL analysis of the developed business ideas/activities
  5. Evaluation of business Ideas/business opportunity ( Feasibility and Viability status)
  6. Training on Basic life skills (soft Skills) for personal/self-identification
  7. Training on Business Development Skills (Ways of doing business successful) including Business management, administration, Financial, Marketing, sales, Operations, partnership, Business contracts, etc
  8. Development of Business documents (Business Plan and Business Proposal) to guide business operation
  9. Leading youth groups on implementation of the business idea based on the developed business documents
  10. Facilitating development of youth Groups- Led – Enterprises.
  11. Facilitating formation and development of Youth Saving & Lending Association Models
  12. Exposing groups members to different business opportunities through attending different business occasions like Trade fair, exhibitions, forums etc
  13. Linking groups to regional Micro Financial Institutions (MFIs) for accessing funds
  14. Linking groups to potential business stakeholders
  15. Linking groups to potential markets of their products.
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