GBFS takes advisory services as something having or consisting series of optional, suggestions and recommendations applied as official statement, announcement or report to alert clients about particular behavior/situation or circumstances in life/business that can lead into detrimental effect if not carefully and timely cautioned or addressed. GBFS believe that, concretive advices taken from professional consultants once taken into consideration will turn number of foreseen faults into positive recognition as well as fitting number of diverging facts into in the line of best fitting and accrues number of opportunities available for assuring business and livelihood development.

Being in a capacity to provide advice or opinions services, GBFS advisory expertise under defined agreements have the authority to render decisions or judgments on issues, in addition to providing opinions. GBFSs’ business and livelihood advisory expertise provides information or a warning and/or has the ability to help make decisions on topics regarding clients demanded facts in questions of pros/cons

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