Entrepreneurship and enterprises Development

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Entrepreneurship and enterprises Development

The overall course objective of this key program is to build capacity of the targeted groups by empowering them with knowledge and skills on business as well as ability of identifying and making use of number of opportunities available at their locality for the purpose of being able to fight against poverty and attain social sustainable development. Moreover, the program entails the provision of relevant and sustainable technical vocational skills in the area of agribusiness as well as sustainable energy in order to strengthen the capacity youth and women to start up enterprises, managing their business and achieving something from it as well as attaining sustainable development. The followåings are key focused areas of consideration in this key program.

  1. Self -Identification and Self Awareness
  2. Basic Life Skills (Soft Skills Training)
  3. Idea creation, evaluation, transformation, implementation, developing and sustaining
  4. Ways for Converting Developmental Challenges and Problems into Opportunities
  5. Mindset and attitude Changing (Change management)
  6. Strategic Ways of Creating Successful Business Idea
  7. Business Growth, Expansion and Overall Operational Management
  8. Preparation of Business Document (Business Plan & Business Proposal)
  9. Formation, Developing and Managing of IGAs, Y/VSLA and Clubs
  10. Strategic Linking of IGAs, VSLA and Clubs into MFIs
  11. Characteristics, Tips and qualities for becoming successful entrepreneur
  12. Application of social medias to pursue daily business operations- Marketing
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