Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching are the aspects which requires a deep engagement of mentor and coacher in executing the assignment in alignment with intended focused objectives. In summary, the mentor has a deep personal interest, personally involved—a friend who cares about others and their long term development. The coach develops specific skills for the task, challenges and performance expectations at work to a gainer. By role, a mentoring and coaching are referred to as power free, two-way mutually beneficial relationship which are offered to empower a third part beneficiary.

Once the coachee successfully acquires the skills, the coacher is no longer needed. Mentoring is development driven. Its purpose is to develop the individual not only for the current job, but also for the future. Coaching and mentoring use the same skills and approach but coaching is short term task-based and mentoring is a longer term relationship.

After monitoring and coaching sessions, GBFS took clients into Peer learning. Peer-to-peer learning is a partnership between people at the same seniority level or in equivalent functional roles, and can be used to carry out either mentoring or coaching. Peer learning opportunities are formal and structured basing on action learning sets.

GBFSs’ expertise mentors and coachers possesses the following personal qualities: they have ability to recognize changes in mood and body language of clients, they are good observant, the possess ability to maintain confidentiality, they warm and confidence-inspiring personality objective and impartial in dealing with people, they are willingly to commit time and energy to learn mentoring or coaching skills, they have good relationships in the workplace, they communication perfectly and they have behavior which are motivation, they possess personal development skills as from one-on-one mentoring/coaching developed framework, one-on-one mentoring/coaching activities, planning mentoring/coaching objectives and evaluation

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