Research and Development

Research and Development

GBFS takes Research and Development – R&D – as the process by which it works in collaboration with the clients to obtain new knowledge that it might be used to create new technology, creating new innovations in existing products/services, procedures or the discovery of new innovations that lead to the creation new products. In other words, it’s an ongoing process of investigation that looks forward to create new things or systems that will either be used or sold. GBFS researchers works to investigative activities on business or livelihood conducts to improve existing products/services and procedures or to lead to the development of new products and procedures. Through research process, researchers employ systematic activities which combines both basic and applied research methods and techniques aiming at discovering solutions for problems or creating new goods and knowledge.

R&D is on ongoing process and a crucial part of every business and livelihood interventions. It is an ongoing process of improvement that can be applied to current existing products, services, or processes. It can also be focused on developing new ones. For many companies that has worked with GBFS, research and development has helped clients to constantly be looking for new ways to increase their products’/services effectiveness and come up with new ideas that will shape the market to keep the business up to date and a step ahead in front of their competitors.

GBFS research expertise has help to train some companies’ employees to think with an R&D perspective, so they can research and develop new strategies to be more effective at their jobs as a part of their routine and assure future sustainable development.

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