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Global Business Focus and Success (GBGFS) has been contracted by VECO – Rikolto to capacitate UWAMALE Cooperative Society to attain potential business growth to new potential height. UWAMALE is a Cooperative Based at Lekitatu Irrigation Scheme Usa River. The Cooperative has 250 registered members and targets to provide services to over 1000 rice, beans and maize farmers farming in Leki Tatu.  Rikolto has worked with UWAMALE since 2016. This assignment will be to train and coach UWAMALE and its member groups in the capacity development areas specified in TORs and the consultant proposal, so as to deliver the outputs described below under each capacity area;


  1. Improve the UWAMALE Cooperative internal management:

Expected Outcome/Results;

  • Reviewed constitution with clear roles for the executive committee, sub committees and the staff as well as personnel manual
  • Management structure in the constitution that is all inclusive with clear delegation of responsibilities to the grass root structures.
  • KPIs/performance indicators formulated targets detailed in quarterly, annual, multi-year plans and business plans.
  • Management guidelines and policies on marketing, finance, employment, procurement (among others) that stipulate the level and type of authority given to each organ of the cooperative.
  • Reviewed constitution with guidelines clearly stipulates the positions and communication channels in all aspects of the organization
  • Revised personnel management manual that stipulates clearly human resource requirements, key KPIs, strategies and tools
  • Updated farmers master list and record keeping system
  • Setting of the short term/six months (2018) and long-term targets/KPIs


  1. Support UWAMALE to improve its Supply and marketing:


Expected Outcomes/Results;

  • The business plan is revised in accordance to the business model and changing business context
  • UWAMALE business units are fully operational as per the business plans
  • Supply management system, policy, manual and guidelines reviewed and includes a procurement policy and guidelines on procurement of inputs in place.
  • Clear guidelines and systems on collective selling including and transparent price determination mechanism based on prevailing market prices in place.
  • Marketing plan and strategy that ensures the farmers organization gains and   retains multiple off-takers that helps in bargaining power is in place.
  • Quality management system in place and implemented including coaching of members into abiding to the quality required by the market
  • UWAMALE maintains and /updates the farmer master list with records and data base on farm and business information about the farmers and their businesses.
  • The association has a production calendar and harvesting chart to enable the groups to plan and forecast volumes
  1. Support UWAMALE improve Financial management: –

  Expected Outcomes/Results;

  • Management committee is able to identify its roles in guiding UWAMALE and the groups in all aspects financial management, financial planning & budgeting, financial risk management, record keeping and monitoring.
  • financial systems, including cash handling, cash inflow, book of accounts and book reconciliation are put in place
  • UWAMALE has put in place measures for full statutory and financial compliance
  • Existing financial management manual reviewed and internalized including internalization of roles of each party
  • Adopt cooperative format of financial reporting and AGM preparation
  • Strategy on access to finance from financial institutions and mobilizing of own funds in place
  • Asset register in place


  1. Support UWAMALE to improve its relationship with Enablers:

Expected Outcomes/Results;

  • Management committee aware (and adhere to the laws and regulation guiding cooperatives
  • Guidelines and strategies on relations with business development services providers NGO’s, and Government institutions are in place


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