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Development of Business Plan & Business Proposal

Development of Business Documents -Business Documents (Business Plan and Business Proposal) –Development of Business Plan which will; Helps to stand as a road map designed to guide the entrepreneurs/businessman through the years of business operations. Helps determine the viability of the venture in a designated market Provides guidance to the company/entrepreneur in organizing his or [...]

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Training and Facilitation GBFS offers trainings and facilitation services in a short as well as long professional development courses through class sessions, seminars and workshops. In such a form of service delivering process, training are offered based on GBFSs’ standard packages and/or in a tailored-made form depending on clients’ demands/wants and/or proposition. Services are executed [...]

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Entrepreneurship and enterprises Development The overall course objective of this key program is to build capacity of the targeted groups by empowering them with knowledge and skills on business as well as ability of identifying and making use of number of opportunities available at their locality for the purpose of being able to fight against [...]

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