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Training and Facilitation

GBFS offers trainings and facilitation services in a short as well as long professional development courses through class sessions, seminars and workshops. In such a form of service delivering process, training are offered based on GBFSs’ standard packages and/or in a tailored-made form depending on clients’ demands/wants and/or proposition. Services are executed and maintained based [...]

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Human Rights, Policy Advocacy, Power and Voice

The overall objective of the program package to enable beneficiaries/participants have a deeper understanding of the linkages between rights and governance in connection to businesses and livelihood development. Through this course, participants will also acquire skills and knowledge on how to hold their human personal and enterprise accountable in delivering services to the communities they [...]

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Governance, Accountability and Rights

The main objective of this key program is to empower beneficiaries/participants with effectively and confidently abilities/action or manners of governing themselves as well as governing their so formed groups/enterprises/organizations. More so, participants will be deeply engaged in all proposed governances standards/procedures depends on foreseen demands. The will acquire skills to facilitate governance processes of governing, [...]

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Agribusiness and Environmental interventions

The main objective of key program to impart targeted group/farmers with knowledge and skills regarding effectively and efficiently agro-performance made from adopting and implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) techniques. Perfection on GAP application will enhance farmers with new agribusiness knowledge, skills, principles, tricks and techniques and once applied will increased agro-productivity as well as increased [...]

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Professional Business Development

The main objective of this key program is to impart participants’ with business knowledge and skills which will enhance their abilities on apply number of business mechanisms, schemes, principles and approaches through which social economic development and wellbeing will be attained and guaranteed. The followings are key focused areas of consideration in this key program. [...]

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Development of Business Plan & Business Proposal

Development of Business Documents -Business Documents (Business Plan and Business Proposal) –Development of Business Plan which will; Helps to stand as a road map designed to guide the entrepreneurs/businessman through the years of business operations. Helps determine the viability of the venture in a designated market Provides guidance to the company/entrepreneur in organizing his or [...]

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As a response to the increasing number of vulnerable families and children, GBFS set up programs for supporting home based centers as well as family strengthening programs operating to different children/orphanage centers in Tanzania. The programs developed help in provision of tools for supporting caring for children who can’t live with their families but able [...]

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According to the 2012 National Population and Housing Census, youth unemployment poses a very serious challenge to the achievement of Tanzania Development Vision. The Tanzanian labour force (ages 15 – 64) includes 23.5 million people, or 52.2% of the total population is under unemployment; and the youth population (ages 15 – 35) is 15.6 million [...]

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