As a response to the increasing number of vulnerable families and children, GBFS set up programs for supporting home based centers as well as family strengthening programs operating to different children/orphanage centers in Tanzania. The programs developed help in provision of tools for supporting caring for children who can’t live with their families but able [...]

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According to the 2012 National Population and Housing Census, youth unemployment poses a very serious challenge to the achievement of Tanzania Development Vision. The Tanzanian labour force (ages 15 – 64) includes 23.5 million people, or 52.2% of the total population is under unemployment; and the youth population (ages 15 – 35) is 15.6 million [...]

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 Our Organization has a strong track record in enhancing and harnessing gender equality and the economic empowerment of women especially the poorest and most excluded women from economically empowerment programs and benefit from development. We have proven capacity to develop and implement programs that build the technical and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of out of [...]

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