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Water and sanitation

  Sustainable Development Goal 6 calls upon the world to ensure universal access to water and sanitation by 2030. Despite progress made under the MDGs, some 43 million people still have no access to an improved drinking water source, and a further approximately more than 56% the population lacks hygienic toilet and resulting into use [...]

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Renewable Energy

Rural energy service delivery continues to be one of the most significant development challenges for Tanzania. It is estimated that less than 14 percent of Tanzania’s 41 million residents have access to the electrical grid. In rural areas, where 75 percent of people live, ac cess is estimated to be 2-3%. Conventional electrical energy is cost [...]

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  Agriculture is the backbone of the Tanzania economy. The sector is and will continue to remain being the foundation of the Tanzania economy. Year 2015 the sector accounted for 29 per cent of the GDP, it provides about 100 percent of domestic food requirement, in 2016 it was 125 percent. The sector has employed [...]

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