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We firmly believe that, focusing on delivering capacity building development knowledge and skills on the sector of Agriculture, renewable Energy and Water programs through application of

 Entrepreneurship and Business/Agribusiness Development programs, Governance, Accountability and Advocacy, Organizational Leadership and Management as well as Staff Development programs will empower poor people living in poverty to hold their responsibilities firmly and accountable no matter they will stand as individuals or in a form of groups, unification or cooperates. This will be the basis upon which transformative and sustainable development will be achieved.

GBFS is convinced that transformative changes and sustainable development for Tanzania people/families will be attained when we will keep moving and transcend our services to a level where people/farmers will be empowered to engage the States and express their vision, mission, intentions, interests, interventions, aspiration and ambitions more competence and confidence for them to be well known, trusted and be in a position to receive number of supportive aspects to boost their business through number of available Governments’ allocated, mobilized and distributed  resources. This visional feature will automatically shift people lives’ trends from poverty to a higher recognized level of life/living standard.

With the support of many like-minded partners (organization and institutions), developmental scholars as well as developmental expertise, we trust that, lack of knowledge, skills, competence and confidence that embraces poor people to demand for capacity building support from the States and from other supportive local and international organizations- private sectors once provided will make poor people expectations growing to meet their aspiration. For instance, as most youth/women farmers embark on subsistence agriculture, the expansion of the human population, application of poor agriculture practice and principles and poor technology has resulted into food shortages which leads into food insecurity agenda and bring about increased poverty level among most Tanzanian people. Now, tailored-made package developed and offered to youth/women-farmers by GBFS in a form of Training and Facilitation, Consultancy, Advisory, Mentoring and Coaching focusing on Agribusiness Development including other key programs mentioned above has proved to change youth/women farmer’s perceptions as from focusing on subsistence agriculture and starting applying sustainable agriculture. Adopted modern agribusiness practices has entirely change the life of farmers and increases youth and women’s revenue and improve their income. These aspect in Agribusiness sector will as well be applied in Renewable Sector and water programs.

It is our hope that, adoption and application of proposed key services and programs above by any like-minded organization in collaboration with GBFS’s skilled personnel in partnership bases will facilitate lives transformation of many poor Tanzanian people living in poverty areas onto more recognized and dignified lives standard. This will as well enable our State to attain its current Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Tanzania Development Vision (TDV) 2025 and National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty II (NSGRP II) as all of these address the economic growth and poverty reduction in Tanzania